Self-Storage Acquisitions

“What is Daly Storage Investments Self-Storage Acquisition Criteria?”

Daly Storage Investments is currently acquiring self-storage properties. We will consider properties in all 50 states.

We are value-add storage investors. Therefore, we look at properties with at least one of the following criteria:

  • Distressed storage properties in need of significant capital improvements
  • Properties with high vacancy rates (greater than 25% vacant)
  • Properties with below-market rents
  • Storage properties with considerable open land available for expansion
  • Empty or abandoned warehouses, pole barns, or other large open span buildings for storage conversions (greater than 15,000 sq feet)
  • Mixed-use properties will be considered. These properties must have at least 50 storage units in addition to other rentable real estate assets including office space, retail space, apartments, car washes, etc.
  • Stabilized properties with seller financing terms will be considered

Ideal properties will have the following characteristics:

  • Fully fenced property with a mechanical gate (non-fenced properties will be considered)
  • At least 50 units or 7,500 net rentable square feet with enough open land to at least double the net rentable square feet
  • Markets with favorable supply/demand characteristics

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“What types of markets does Daly Storage Investments consider for self-storage acquisitions?”

Most of Daly Storage Investments‘s self-storage acquisitions are in the suburbs and tertiary (exurb) areas outside of secondary markets. We will consider rural and urban markets with very strong supply and demand characteristics.

Self-Storage Brokers

Daly Storage Investments will evaluate all on and off-market deals. We are only interested in true value-add deals. We welcome properties that are too small for traditional REITs or private equity funds to consider. We will also consider “non-vanilla” storage property types.


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