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Q:  Do you pay fair prices for self-storage?
A:  Yes. The prices we pay are fair and a win-win for both parties. We do not pay retail, however, that cost can be made up when you factor in the fact that we charge ZERO in commissions, plus we pick up all associated administrative and closing costs. In addition, we can close very quickly because we are paying in cash. This saves you money by shortening the period of time in which you are responsible for taxes, assessments, and maintenance of the property.  Remember, the storage market can be very slow, selling the traditional way, and using a realtor to find a buyer can take months, if not longer. Costs incurred over this time can add up fast. Before binding yourself to a realtor, get our offer and run the numbers for yourself. There is zero obligation.

Q:  How do you determine how much to offer for a storage property?
A:  Our process is very clear and straight forward. We look at the location of the property, what repairs are needed, the current condition of the property, and values of comparable storage properties sold in the area recently. We take out what was paid in commission and fees on these comparable properties to get a price on which we base our offer. In addition, we analyze the property’s current P&L to get a sense for the operating potential of the facility.  When you get an offer from Daly Storage Investments, we will fully explain how we have come up with it.

Q:  Are there ANY hidden costs or fees?
A: Never. Not a dime. What we offer you is what you will take home. This is what makes us stand out from the traditional method of selling your property: There are NO fees or commissions when you sell your property to us. We’ll make you an offer, and if it’s a fit then we’ll buy your property (and we’ll often pay for the closing costs too!). No hassle. No fees.

Q:  What makes you different from an agent?
A: We are direct buyers, and long-term storage investors. Since we’re actually the one buying the property from you, and we pay with all cash… we can make a decision to buy your property within a couple days.

Real estate agents list properties (often at inflated prices) in hopes that someone will buy them, and they will get their hefty commission. You will have to sign a contract, binding you to them for a certain amount of time (the average time to sell a property in many markets right now is 6-12 months). You will own them their commission no matter how the property is sold, even if you find the buyer yourself. Real estate agents list properties and hope that someone will buy them.

We will offer you a real, fair price based on the property’s current operating condition. As a tip and a warning, do NOT get swooned by agents throwing out sky high numbers they can get for your property based on its projected “pro forma” numbers. If an agent starts talking like this, then you should run away because they are just trying to get you to list your property at any price in order to drum up some personal business. They do not have your best interests in mind. The more listings they have, the better it looks for them to other sellers, and the more calls they may get from buyers. They might get more business from your listing, but your property won’t sell because it is overpriced. As a former real estate agent, I, unfortunately, see this all the time.

Q:  If I Get An Offer, Is There an Obligation?
A: There is never any obligation or hassle. Once you tell us a little about your property we will then study the market, comparable properties, and P&L. Within 48 hours we will have an offer for you. It is completely up to you if you decide to sell or not. There is no risk, obligation or hassle.

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